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Why Partner?

The world lacks the trust of the leaders. Young people bear the responsibility of restoring this hope and genuinely impact on the society. Therefore the guidance is crucial. It’s all about letting them discover themselves to find their hidden potential.

We are the youth of our country. We strive for excellence every time. We stop at nothing. We know that the peace and the development of mankind are in our hands. Youth Empowerment is not an option, it’s our responsibility and privilege to guide them to their highest goals and dreams of ensuring a better future. This is not just a congress. This is our dream, our desire to make a positive impact on youth and show to youth that there is a whole world beyond the sea but not just the horizon. That’s why we want to introduce new technologies, new industries, new trends to their line of sight to give them the experience what is beyond. We believe that the experience cannot be learned, it has to be witnessed.

We cordially invite you to become a part of this project where you might actually change lives for the betterment of the country, for the betterment of the world and for the betterment of the humanity. Come join us to “Advance Technology for Humanity”.

Become a Partner

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Partnering in a Glance

Interact with the students at the venue and get a better penetration to the highly skilled student market.

Through the interaction with the students, you gain a platform to recruit them as potential employees for your company.
Discuss your company’s vision and values to create interest in students to work with you.
Contribute to training new skills and fostering talents.

Media exposure through our media promotional campaigns.
Distribution of company flyers and leaflets to the youth.
Access to the participant database for online messages and promotions.

IEEE Sri Lanka Section is a part of the biggest youth organization in the world.
Our members outperform academically and are technologically rich.
HR who are aware about global trends and technologies.
We are the #1 professional organization that offers standardized programs.
We always stay responsible for all our stakeholders.
Customer centricity is a key aspect to be considered in the rapidly globalizing world. We understand the importance of customer relationship and stakeholder management.
Entrepreneurial and innovative in day to day business challenges.
With rapidly changing external environment it is vital for organizations to have people who can think out of the box and come up with new ideas to adapt to changes.
Resilient and progressive in challenging environments.
The organizers of the conference are volunteers who fight to create a positive change with limited resources. The ability to deliver under challenging environments is very high compared to others with the right resources.
IEEE Sri Lanka Section consists of many techie, energetic and self-driven personalities.

Partnership Packages

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You can download the IEEE SLSYWC '19 - Partnership Packages Inforgraphic as a PDF.


We thank these organizations that make this event possible and grand.